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Optimized Route Planning


Increase efficiency of optimising the routes. Ensures reduced travel time for employees and lower trip costs.

Wide Range Of Vehicles


We offer a wide range of vehicles for diverse applications. We can manage bulk & lean shifts easily with the variety of vehicles starting from Sedan to Buses.

Equipped With Modern Technology


We offer a platform for managing fleet, roster, drivers and trips. Platform comes with Website, Mobile Site, Admin Panel, Driver and Executive Apps.

Dynamic Commercial Models


We offer a commercial model as per your requirement and cost goals. We offer end 2 end services, KM basis services, trip rates and multiple other options that suits your needs

Our Network

We have a network of 30+ cities in India. Our services are available in all Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities through our promising partner network.

1 Million +
Employees Ferried
2,000 +
25 +
Corporate Clients
30 +

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email us at sales@volercars.com.

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Our Other Services

Self Driving Car Rental


One of the early movers in the personal urban mobility space. We have been investing and building the shared mobility space for providing sustainable mobility solutions.

Shuttle Services


Fixed shuttle services are provided on dedicated routes for one or many clients in multiple cities. Robust tracking and booking system ensures a seamless experience for all the employees.

Electric Vehicles


We offer dedicated electric vehicles to corporates and enterprises across India. EVs ensure sustainable employee transport operations at a very low cost.

End to End Enterprise Mobility


We have been successful in providing complete end 2 end employee transportation services to India's largest IT clients.

Optimized Trip Cost

Our years of routing experience coupled & our cutting edge technology enables you to optimise your employees' daily travel routes. This optimization not only saves huge costs for you but decreases your employee's travel time significantly. Basis multiple constraints in a dynamic operational setting i.e. travel time of employees, security of employees, shift time, process wise routing and availability of fleet, we can design a DIY solution for optimising cost on each & every executed trip.

Other Benefits


Per employee per trip costing model


Transparent Billing as per actual usage


Ensuring Sanitized, Safe and Secure trips


No additional cost for backup fleet