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Ooty- The land of tea, travel and tempean

  • Jan 11,2019

Crystal clear sky, breathtaking mountains, and exhilarating views. The town Ooty, nestled in the lap of Tamil Nadu has a lot to offer. This beautiful hill station is nothing short of a vividly charming dream coming true unexpectedly. Ooty is called the Queen of hills, and the title completely justifies its true essence.

How to reach?

Ooty can be reached from Bangalore by car, which looks like a pretty convenient option. Buses are also available frequently if you want to travel in a limited budget. The next nearby city is Coimbatore from where it takes around 4-5 hours to reach. However, be it a car or a bus, what can totally be a steal is the scenic beauty that we capture in the 6-7 hours of the journey on our way towards it.I was flabbergasted by the way the beautiful mountains, the small houses, long trees sat through the haphazard route in the 6 hours of journey.

The chilled weather.

Upon arrival, it was cold quite obviously. It's impossible to withstand the cold without wearing that leather jacket or even a muffler for that matter.And that's the beauty. Isn't it? Witnessing winters in monsoon!As a matter of fact, Ooty is a year-round destination. However, the ideal time to visit lies between April to June and Sept to Nov.In the daylight, the sun also shines brightly. So, it is advisable to apply sunscreen of a greater SPF if you don't want to return tanned and sun-kissed. Keep reapplying the sunscreen lotion every few hours for making it work more effectively.

Where are you going to crash?

Ooty is a relatively cheaper town. The accommodation here ranges from Rs.600 to Rs.6000. If you are travelling solo, do not have an issue in sharing a room with anyone, or have a tight budget, then you can also opt for local hostels. They are way cheaper. You can choose any of the options according to your budget and convenience. It can either be booked online or directly in the hotel.

Food- "Do you need a spoon?"

Since Ooty is in south India. The only cuisine easily available in almost all the eateries in south Indian. So if you are not quite fond of idly and sambhar, the quest for north Indian would be daunting. Even with parathas, sambhar is mainly served. At some places, you won't even be served with a spoon. So, you are someone who doesn't buy the idea of having food like sambhar with hands, then you must carry one of your own. That would save you a lot of embarrassment and inconvenience.

My all-time partners.

On top of everything, I made two absolutely valuable best friends in my staycation. They made my whole journey even more memorable. The first thing which even my own local friends still drool over is the Chocolates. There is a Chocolate factory in Ooty which makes an absolutely delicious wide variety of chocolates from local resources. I bought plenty while my way back home.The second thing which didn't leave me alone was the multiple cups of tea made from local tea leaves. We Indians love Chai. So, sipping that yummy tea in the chilled weather was total bliss.


Wondering how to impress someone on your way back? Well, take the Ooty chocolate boxes with you. I took a lot of them with me on my way back. You can either pick from Rs.100 chocolate containers which contain various kind of chocolates or just create a mix of your choice. Other forms are flavoured chocolates are small toffees. They are so tasty that if you gift them to your crush, they would probably fall in love with you as well. Ooty also has locally produced almond oil and coconut oil which is a little costly. But, that's totally worth it because they are organically produced. It has a nice aroma. They are absolutely free of chemicals. It has the total nature's essence.I absolutely loved the tea they served in Ooty. Do not forget to take with you locally produced Ooty tea. So, the next time you invite guests to your home, treat them with the never lasting Ooty vibes too.

The iconic movie scenes:

That epic scene from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai where Raj meets her Anjali all over again. That whole Vacation where the little Anjali went on was nothing but the Wenlock Downs of Ooty. The most fabulous places seen in some of the well-known movies like Ravan, Barfi, Kuch Kuch Hota hai, Notebook are shot nowhere but in Ooty itself. How about unfolding how the places look like in real?


In terms of sightseeing, every step narrates a story. My favourite one is yet undecided. Once you reach Ooty start wandering early morning and return by 7 pm. If you are travelling via local transport, then it would be on a cheaper side. Most of the places are explored in the broad daylight. Pykara Falls, Botanical Garden, Tea estate viewpoint, Wax museum, Boat house, hidden valley, Eco rock are the local attractions to name a few. Head to these places and decide which one is best by yourself.

The locals:

Unlike places like Mumbai and Delhi, where the local cab drivers decide the travelling fare and charge exorbitantly, Ooty has a fixed cab fare as decided by the state government. In the auto stand, a board is put up. Separate fare to individual places is displayed. Such a convenient way to plan out your journey. The local language is Tamil. However, due to the exposure to tourism locals are also well-versed with Hindi.


The mountains, the trees, the roads, small lanes, the people, tranquility, and absolute calmness instigated me into developing a deep-rooted relationship with myself. Just like poetry, I went into a state of total bliss. Irrespective of how much I write and try to confess, the feeling is beyond explanation. I lived every moment I spent there. The scenic beauty which I witnessed from the window seat of my car made me realise how Mother Nature still controls our mental as well as physical well-being. Ooty comes as a perfect retreat if you want to escape your everyday monotonous life or just want to add one more vacation in your wanderer list. The moment you step into this hill station you totally get captivated by its beauty, especially when you are used to the vastness of city life. Its tranquillity and the memories you create here would last the lifetime.