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Customers Speak - How Driving The Best Helped Ganeshan Discover The Best?

  • Oct 27,2016

Customers Speak - How Driving The Best Helped Ganeshan Discover The Best?

Hi, my name is Ganeshan. I am a software engineer by profession and a regular customer of Voler Cars.

My story dates back to November 2015 when I had to shift from Rajkot to Bengaluru. I was moved to a higher designation within the organisation and couldn't be more thankful for it. Subsequently, I was supposed to temporarily relocate to the city and that too with a family of four consisting my parents and my wife. Since the stay spanned over a year, I deemed it important to have my Innova brought along. Little did I know of the agony that entailed. No matter to what extent the possession of a personal vehicle is appreciated, the fact has its share of concerns that you hardly get over from, when living in a city as busy as Bengaluru. Roads in Gujarat were, thankfully, not that congested and allowed you to have an drive, if not the best in the world.

The snarls and chaos on road that set forth the need

The incessant demolition processes, bad road conditions, never ending traffic jams and even worst, bad drainage during monsoons. It's annoying and equally painful to see your vehicle succumbed to such a sorry state and stuck up with nowhere to go. I had heard about the car rental service that was gradually started in the market by a few agencies and had used it too, but somehow the experiences were not very good.

The family outings were also very limited because of not-so-good road conditions, and we couldn't explore the city as much as we should have. It was apparently one fine day when my senior had invited me to his place for dinner over the weekend, and the car condition was miserable, that I had to go for self-driven car rental service. With what seemed to be better of all, I had booked a Maruti Swift @ 55 per hour from, and it seemed an apt choice for four people.

Why it's Volercars for me, always?

I should state here that my perception of car rental service changed that day and to such an extent that now, I sometimes use Voler car rental service only, even when I can easily have my vehicle cruised out on the roads. The staff deserves the first mention for their friendly and helpful camaraderie that they establish with their customers. Be it the driver who delivers the vehicle to you, the CCEs or the roadside assistance that they provide. In the case of a vehicle malfunction, all you have to do is to pop out of the one vehicle and get into another vehicle, made available within a matter of 30-40 minutes.

Then comes the service part, which I think is the best. They have easy pick-up points near famous landmarks in the city, but if there is a need to, they simply deliver the car at your doorstep also. They charge you a fixed sum of the security deposit which is completely refunded, once you finish your journey. The bill after finishing the journey clearly displays prevailing tax rates with absolutely no hidden charges. The Voler app on Google play store or website ( shows the updated rates and charges and your ride is just a few clicks away.

Consistency matters!

After my first experience with Voler, there were times when I had to go to overnight business trips and again dreaded pulling out my Innova. Trust me! The kind of impression these well maintained Voler cars have on your staff and associates adds manifold to your persona as a professional. So much so that when I shared about this Voler service to one of my seniors, he also became one avid customer of Voler cars. It is a trust that just refuses to die.

I've my share of nice experience! How about you?

The remaining part of our stay in the city (almost 6-7 months) was amazingly pleasant. We travelled across the city; to famous lakes, forts, Bannerghatta National Park and Nilgiri Hills and created a plethora of memories to cherish. Not for once did Voler let us down regarding their quality service and transparency. I discovered the best by driving the best.

I thought of writing when I was requested to share my experience. I will love to hear from other users of the Voler about their experience. Let's post it and contribute to the self-driving community!