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Self drive road trips

5 reasons to choose a self drive car for a road trip with Friends

  • Jun 23,2017

Roadtrips are always fun! Especially the one with friends. The priceless memories that are brought back, the old stories, the long conversations and most importantly, spending time together - A self drive road trip with friends covers it all!

In our 9 to 5 cubical life, we hardly get time to catch up with friends. Therefore, a road trip is a good excuse to relive your college days again. Here is why to use a self drive car with Friends?

1. Travel in your own comfort and convenience!

Why depend on public transport and their timings and availability, when you can self drive a car at your own pace and comfort. For hassle free travelling, book a car of your choice from Volercars and enjoy exciting deals and save big on your each and every roadtrip.

2. Relive your old memories

As they say "enjoy the journey, not the destination" - Roadtrip is the perfect way to make most of your journey with friends. Relive your old memories together and talk your heart out to your best friends. It's the best opportunity to spend quality time with your friends.

3. Make up your own road games

Road trips without games are incomplete - We will suggest playing some new road games rather than usual Antaksharis. Play a game of "seven questions" or Re-cast your favorite movies using you and your trip mates as the actors. Be a child again and experience a road trip like never before.

4. It's more than just driving

Road trips are not only about few hours of driving; it's more about chasing the adventure. Riding through the highway and mountains is a different experience all together. You get the opportunity to explore every bit of nature and stop at road side dhabas or just a view to relax. Self drive is more about passion for road trips and spending quality time for with friends.

5. Detox yourself!

It's important to take a break from the hustle bustle of the city life. Taking a break and planning a road trip with friends offer us the much needed detox from the corporate and polluted city lifestyle. You get the opportunity to explore nature and the beauty of the mountain highways. A mix of road trip and quality time with friends helps us to rejuvenate ourselves.