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The Quaint Jawhar Unexplored India

  • Nov 11,2016

Untitled Document

The Quaint Jawhar Unexplored India

It's a fact that those who are addictive to travelling to mountains would hardly be enticed by any other tourist spot in the world. However, the quintessential mountains ranges of India are at a fair distance from most of the metropolitans. Imagine how soul-inducing it would be, to find any such hills near you. One such place is Jawhar which remained a road less travelled for a very long time. Let's have a dig at this quaint little tribal village in the state of Maharashtra and how it's turning out be an apt choice for wanderlusts like me.

Why Jawhar?

Surmounted by exemplary flora, Jawhar qualifies for a perfect weekend getaway from the never-pausing hustle and bustle of Mumbai City. It satiates your quest for adventure and it is also a boon to those who love to trek the hilly countryside.


Less known and travelled by people, Jawhar is at an altitude of 500+ meters above sea level in the lap of Sahyadri Mountains. Depending on whether you're based in Mumbai or Nashik stretch of the state, it would be at a distance of 145 km and 80 km respectively.

How to get there?

For localities, it's a place akin to Agra for Delhiites. You can either take NH-8 or NH-3 to reach Jawhar. If you're located in any other state and looking to travel to Jawhar and around, Mumbai can be your pit stop. This place can be goofed around in a day easily. Once you cross the Wada-Manor route, the Mother Nature bestows you with some most beautiful landscapes.

The transport?

What could be a better means than your vehicle? Now, you may think whether your car is always ready-to-go.' You need not worry as you can have got service of the car on rent available in Mumbai. Unlimited kilometers, car insurance and plenty of options to choose from. You can avail this car rental service in Mumbai, pay a price and drive one to Jawhar as your own (we assume you take its care as much as your own).

Appropriate time to visit

The monsoons of Mumbai are a treat to watch and the resultant beauty that they lend to the plush green terrains of Jawhar, makes it advisable to travel this place post monsoon. However, since winters are mildly cold in Western India, you may also opt for November-January months of the year, to head on it this scenic destination.

Hotel stays:

While you may not find luxurious of stays in Jawhar but the endearing aura surrounding the place would compensate for all the pains that you take. There are a few hotels near Jawhar bus stand. MTDC cottages offer budget accommodation suiting almost every pocket, and its cottages offer an enchanting view of the valley down the hills.

Now that we have discussed where, why, how about the places, we'll share in the next post, the key attractions of the place that makes it the place to be.