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Before Journey:

Check Dents & Damages

Check Wiper, Head Lights & Tyre Pressure

Check Accessories

Check & Validate Documents

Check fuel quantity

Fill The Start Checklist

During Journey:

Follow Traffic Rules

No Over-Speeding

No Smoking & Drinking

Have Enough Fuel

Take Care Of Keys & Documents

Park Safely & Keep The Car Clean

After Journey:

Report Delays

Return To Correct Drop Location

Report Dents & Damages

Check fuel quantity

Fill Return Checklist

Lock Remotely Or Hand Over Keys

Volercars is a responsible company and expects its users to be responsible.

Please read the following rules and applicable penalties in case of any violation.

Volercars, in it's sole discretion, regardless of any insurance coverage will be entitled to seek as damages for the same in the nature of liquidated damages (not being penalty), (a) an amount of INR 10,000 (Rupees Ten Thousand only)* (i) 100% losses incurred by Volercars towards repairing and restoring the Vehicle, business loss etc.*; and (ii) 100% value of the Vehicle, whichever may be higher*.


Return the Car at Scheduled Location

INR 1,500*

No Late Return

INR 400 Per Hour of Late Return*

No Unauthorized Activity- Carrying Arms & Ammunition,Any Intoxication, Commercial Activity

INR. 10,000 & Customer will be held Liable for any Legal Action arising out of these activities*

No Traffic Violation

Actual Fine Payment. Additional Charge Of INR 1,000*

No Smoking

INR 2000 Or The Repair Amount Whichever Is Higher*

No Loss Of Car Accessories

INR 10,000 Or Actual Cost Of The Accessory Whichever Is Higher*

Keeping the Car Clean

INR 1000 or the Cleaning Cost whichever is higher*

Any damage to the car interiors or exteriors due to colors

INR 1000 Or The Cleaning Cost Whichever Is Higher*

No Tampering of Devices

INR 10,000 & the Actual Cost of the Repair or the Fitment*

No Over Speeding over 80 Km/hr

1st Violation - Warning Is Issued

On 2nd Violation -Charge Of INR. 1000*

Subsequent Violations INR 1500 For Each Violation*

Over Speeding Above 100 Km Per Hour - Expulsion From Volercars & A Penalty Of INR 1500*

No Damage To The Car

Damage Cost Upto INR 10,000*

No External Branding (Stickers, Wedding/Flower Decorations etc.)

INR. 10,000 & Expenses Arising Out Of Repair Cost Or Such Damages*

Submit Original Documents

Security & Booking Amount Will Be Forfeited

Return Car Keys

INR 2000 & Replacement Cost*

Towing Or Impounding (User’s Fault)

Full Towing/Impounding Cost On Actuals*

No Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol

100% Of Vehicle Damage (Over and Above The Security Deposit)*

Intentional Damage (Driving After Accident Or Under Extreme Conditions Or Rash Driving Etc.)

100% Of Vehicle Damage (Over And Above The Security Deposit)*

Drive Yourself (only the account holder of the present booking is allowed to drive)

100% Of Vehicle Damage (Over And Above The Security Deposit)*

  •  All applicable charges will be deducted from the security deposit. In case where the security deposit is not sufficient to cover the charges, the balance must be
          paid by the user electronically*.

  •  Volercars reserves the right to prohibit a user from making next booking unless all his previous outstandings have been paid in full.

  • *   All the transactions would attract additional taxes (GST) as per Government norms.