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Encourage your friend and family to have a flying experience on the road the way you do. Voler brings to you an exciting way to earn incentives. And the best part is co-winning where the referred friend, relatives and colleagues earn incentive the moment they take off the self drive route with Voler.

Here are simple steps to get some free VMiles through your network.



Invite friend, family or colleague with your Referral code.


When the referred person signs up, they earn 1000 VMiles, and referrer earns 1000 VMiles.



Use VMiles to book a Ride with us.

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Voler's Refer & Earn is an exciting way which lets you share your amazing self driving experience with your family and friends while earning VMiles by referring. For every friend you successfully refer to the Voler app, you and your friend will receive VMiles which are redeemable on the website and app. So, Invite your friends, families and colleagues to book a well conditioned car by sharing a simple invite code with them.

In case you've never booked a self drive on the Voler website or app, you can use your friend's invite code to book with Voler. Simply Sign up on the Voler app using the referral code shared by your friend. Your Refer & Earn reward will be added immediately to yours and your friend's VMiles account.

In case you've already booked on Voler website or app before, you are eligible to refer others through the Refer & Earn program. You can earn Vmiles by referring the Voler App to a maximum of 5 friends / or by using redeemable Vmiles Gift Card.

To share your Voler website or app experience with your loved ones, simply go to the Refer & Earn section of the Voler website or app, sign in and select from the many available options to share your personalized invite code (Facebook / WhatsApp / SMS / Email, etc.). Click on any of the options and invite your friends. You can introduce your friends to the awesome world of booking a self drive and earn VMiles

Voler gives you the freedom to invite anyone in your friend circle with a promise of fulfilling self drive experience. Whenever your friends signup using your invite code on Voler app, VMiles will be successfully credited in both yours and your friends account.

It is a special personalised alpha-numeric invite code which allows you to experience the amazing world of Self Drive with Voler. Use this code while signing up on the Voler app to earn Vmiles.

If you've booked Voler before on website or app channel, then you are eligible to invite your loved ones to experience Voler using Refer & Earn program.

If you've never used Voler website or app before, you can use your friend's invite code to sign up and book a self drive on the Voler app. You and your friends can thus, together earn the reward.

After successful credit of Vmiles in your account, you can use them while booking a self drive. VMiles entitles you to a 10% discount capped at INR 1000 which will be applicable on each self drive you book with Voler.

The VMiles present in your account have an expiration of 90 Days from their date of issue. So giddy up, to get the maximum benefits.

If you have been referred by a friend, you have to meet the following conditions to earn VMiles:

  • You are signing up on the Voler app for the first time.
  • Your mobile number & email address have not been used earlier while booking a self drive on Voler website or App.
  • You have signed up on the Voler app using a valid invite code.

After successfully meeting the aforementioned conditions, VMiles will be successfully credited in both yours and your friend's account.

Voler keeps an utmost check in ensuring that our users get the best rewarding experience. This includes but is not limited to the email ID and phone number history, the validity of the invite code, the details used for signing up & booking, history of your referrer and invites, etc. If any of the conditions mentioned in the previous question are not met or we suspect any fraudulent activity, we reserve the right to block the referrer & the referee and cancel all their existing Refer & Earn rewards & invites.

You can contact us in case you feel you have been incorrectly blocked.

Yes! Each Voler website or app user can refer Voler upto 5 friends in order to earn VMiles in their account. So, keep inviting your friends & keep earning with Voler!

Each existing Voler user can earn VMIles for a maximum of 5 invites. Post that, the referrer won't get any VMiles for any extra invites. However, the invitee account will be credited with VMiles.

Some of your friends might not be eligible for the Refer & Earn reward because they did not meet the conditions mentioned above. We will however, keep providing you with more referrals. So don't stop inviting your loved ones to Voler. :)

The Refer & Earn reward will be automatically added to your friend's & your Voler account . Don't forget to use their invite code while signing up with Voler.

Refer & Earn is available on all platforms . The Refer & Earn reward may not have been added to your friend's Voler account for not meeting the conditions mentioned previously.

The Refer & Earn program is available exclusively for booking on the Voler website or app.

No, your friends will have to download the app and sign up using your referral code in order to be eligible for the Refer & Earn reward. However, you can use any medium ( website / m-site / app) to refer Voler to your friends.

The VMiles present in your account have an expiration of 90 Days from their date of issue . Also, Voler reserves the right to remove your Refer & Earn rewards if any misuse is observed. Please contact us if you feel that the reward has been incorrectly cancelled.

We might have blocked you & your invited friends because of suspected fraudulent activity / misuse of the Refer & Earn program. Please contact us if you feel that you have been incorrectly blocked.